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SIP Trunking Saves you Money and Time

Your phones go down…. You call the phone company…after you get to a human you find out it is a pbx issue…you call the vendor who installed the system….when you finally get a hold of someone they say it’s phone company issue…. Time and resources wasted….

With Prospeed Trunking you consolidate Cost and just as valuable Time! Prospeed SIP Solutions- one service provider for all your needs.

A SIP PBX Integration/PRI Replacement Service.

The Top Line. Here is a versatile and cost-effective solution that delivers the benefits of VoIP along with Business Continuity solutions while retaining your existing PBX/Key system and Internet connection for both voice and data.

SIP Trunking from ProSpeed® is the solution that will allow you to make that move by giving you the ability to:
  • purchase a limited number of lines to match your communications costs closely to your actual business needs
  • consolidate your data and voice bills to lower expensive phone bills due to long distance calls and the taxes that go with them
  • leverage your existing Internet connection for both data and voice
  • streamline your communications platform and enjoy immediate and significant economic advantages while smoothly transitioning to a hosted VoIP service
  • provide new generation network to enhance your mobility via the ProSpeed network
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