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The OfficeSuite® platform is an easy-to-use, cloud phone system trusted by more
than 200,000 business people every day. OfficeSuite® unifies all your communications in the cloud, lets you manage everything from one mobile-friendly website called
MyOfficeSuite™, and requires no out-of-pocket expense for new equipment.

OfficeSuite® includes everything your business needs to communicate over the
phone, online and via fax—including a complete hosted phone system, high-quality phones, unlimited calling, common and advanced features, online fax service, HD video, audio and web conferencing, a toll-free phone number and service, as well as Internet access and multi-site data networking options. We also offer Call Center Services and Call Recording Software. And now, in addition to desk phones, OfficeSuite® offers
high-quality cordless phones that are ideal for small businesses.

Business phone systems provide solutions for many business needs to all business sizes: small, medium, and large.  Best of all, the OfficeSuite® virtual phone system is
easy. It is easy to set-up, easy to make changes and easy to use. Anyone can make updates online in seconds. OfficeSuite protects you from disasters by making sure you never miss a call and can help you gain new visibility into your organization. Seeing is believing, so ask for a live demonstration of our VoIP business phone system

You have to see it to believe it!

Get a live 1-on-1 demonstration of the OfficeSuite®
phones and system via a web conference. Please Call 1-888-425-7425 , email
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cost of ownership

Total Cost of Ownership - A Hosted IP PBX Review

Unlike other corporate phone systems, OfficeSuite® is a complete cloud-based phone
solution that includes everything your business needs to communicate over the phone,
online and via fax – with NO capital required, NO maintenance contracts and 
 monthly fees.

Lower your virtual phone Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) with ONE solution
that delivers:

  • Complete, enterprise-grade phone system

  • Hundreds of powerful, easy-to-use features

  • Built-in disaster avoidance capabilities

  • UNLIMITED* calling plan

  • Online fax service

  • One mobile-friendly website to manage it all

  • High-quality phones

  • Wireless accessories

  • Mobility through Android® and iPhone® apps

  • Scalability – add and remove phones as needed

With our award-winning VoIP phone system, your business can thrive without the costly
maintenance fees associated with other hosted business phone system providers.

no capital invest

Get a live 1-on-1 demonstration of the OfficeSuite®
phones and system via a web conference. Please Call 1-888-425-7425, or email
us at

See How OfficeSuite® Compares to Traditional Phone Systems


See How Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) For SmallMedium and Large 
Businesses Compare!

Cut Your Phone and Fax Bill In Half

With ZERO upfront capital, LOW monthly fees, an UNLIMITED* calling plan and online fax service

No Costly Maintenance Contracts

System maintenance is included in our monthly charges.

No Costly Upgrades Required

As we upgradeour systems, you automatically get updated technology at no cost.

Goodbye Costly Moves, Adds & Changes (MACs)

With traditional corporate phone systems, the cost of moving phones can add up quickly. It’s so easy with OfficeSuite®, employees can do it themselves.

Includes Online Fax Ability

Send and receive faxes via email from your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Easy Self-management for Admins and Employees

Through our online portal that lets you customize the system for your needs. Your users will be self-sufficient and more productive.

High-Quality Phones Included

Choose from over 7 types of phones and add-ons, including Executive phones,
conference room phones, and softphones that turn any laptop into a phone.

Scales As You Evolve

Traditional phone systems become shockingly expensive when adding a phone, new features or more storage requires an expensive upgrade. With OfficeSuite®, adding a phone or feature is simple and has no surprising costs.

OfficeSuite® has a lower Total Cost of Ownership

When compared to a traditional phone system with service



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