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Prospeed Network Cabling & Integration Solutions:

Tomorrows Enterprise Networks Today!

Network Integration Solutions is a leading systems and network integration organization with a strong heritage in the design, installation, configuration and maintenance of enterprise networks. incorporates turnkey solutions with the system integration services necessary to ensure seamless communication and migration of mission-critical data and infrastructure.

Over the last ten years, has developed a proven procedure with over hundreds of client arrangements that guides a client through five specific stages: requirements analysis, design, implementation planning, network monitoring and field support. Our capabilities to design and implement, to taking the clients network live, are our best niches. can deliver a complete Network, from Cabling, to all the networking appliances, switches and routers to Servers to voice and IP connectivity! Truly, we are a one-stop provider.

Let’s take a look at how, can take your office from the ground up and deliver a turnkey scalable solution that will support todays as well as Tomorrow's voice and data applications.

We provide these services across a broad range of installation types that encompass: Communications solutions

  • Voice: voice-over IP, Avaya PBX systems, local and long distance
  • Data: networking, remote access, wireless networks, T-1, T-3, DSL. Lan and Wan Design and rollout.
  • Structured Cabling: Category 5, Category 6 and Racks and patch panels.
  • Server and Workstation build: Customized Windows and Exchange servers and workstation builds. Complete OS and applications installed and supported. Micosoft Business Specialists!
  • Security, VPN and Switch/Router Solutions: We sell and install Cisco Firewall, switches, security appliances and routers.
  • IT Support: Managed Services, IT consultation and support. Onsite support and service. Cisco PIX Firewalls Consulting can provide a Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) or Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) to help you select, deploy and support Cisco PIX Firewalls.

PIX Firewalls from Cisco are the leading family of security appliances for enforcing user and application security policy, protecting networks from mutlivector attacks, and ensuring secure Internet connectivity. Cisco's PIX Firewalls are available for a wide variety of business requirements, ranging from home offices to global enterprises. CCIE certified and CCNP certified consultants can help your business select and configure the appropriate PIX firewalls to fit your IT budget and security needs.

The PIX OS that powers PIX firewalls is a hardened, specially-built operating system that minimizes the possibility of OS-specific security holes. The PIX has received ICSA Firewall and IPsec certification as well as Common Criteria EAL4 evaluation status.

PIX Firewalls provide multiple integrated security and networking services, including:

  • Advanced application-aware firewall services
  • Voice over IP (Residential Voice) and multimedia security
  • Robust site-to-site and remote-access IPSec VPN connectivity
  • Intelligent networking services
  • Flexible management solutions

Highlights of Cisco's PIX Firewalls

Cisco PIX Firewalls can protect your network from multiple security threats by offering advanced features that include:

  • Deep inspection firewall services for HTTP, FTP, Extended
  • Instant messaging, peer-to-peer, and tunneling application blocking
  • Flow-based security policies for Cisco Modular Policy Framework
  • Virtual firewall services
  • Layer 2 transparent firewall
  • Services for 3G Mobile Wireless security
  • Security posture enforcement of VPN client
  • Automatic updating of VPN client software

Cisco Security and VPN Consulting CCIE and CCNP certified experts can provide in-depth consulting for Cisco's entire range of security and Virtual Private Network (VPN) solutions including routers, switches, firewalls, intrusion detection systems and VPN access concentrators.

Cisco has assembled the most comprehensive array of network security products and technologies in the industry. Cisco's security and Virtual Private Network (VPN) solutions include routers, switches, firewalls, intrusion detection systems and VPN access concentrators. Cisco-certified consultants can help you choose and configure Cisco products appropriate for the security needs of your business and in keeping with your IT budget.

Cisco's VPN Solutions

Cisco offers a wide variety of options for implementing a VPN solution, allowing you to select an approach that best fits your network environment. You can implement both remote access and site-to-site VPNs with Cisco IOS Software, through software and Advanced Integrated Module (AIM) hardware encryption cards, or with hardware appliances, such as a VPN concentrator, router, Cisco PIX Firewall, or dedicated VPN server for dial-up services. All of Cisco's VPN solutions are easy to manage and provide the flexibility to evolve with changing business requirements.

Cisco's Security Products

Cisco has a comprehensive line of products aimed at preventing information theft, virus and worm outbreaks, Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, and other threats to your network. Categories and products include:

Secure Connectivity

  • VPN appliance (Cisco VPN concentrators and clients): Dedicated hardware or software device for setting up and managing VPNs
  • Switch based (Cisco Catalyst switches): Identity-based features integrated into switches
  • Router based (Cisco routers): VPN features integrated into routers
  • Extended perimeter security
  • Firewall appliance (Cisco PIX Firewall): Dedicated hardware or software device to permit or deny access to the network or applications
  • Router based: Firewall functions integrated into routers

Intrusion Protection

  • Network-based appliance (Cisco Security Agent): Dedicated hardware or software device for detecting intrusions on the internal company network
  • Host-based software (Cisco Security Agent): Dedicated hardware or software device for detecting, mitigating, and reporting intrusions on hosts
  • Firewall sensor: Sensor within a firewall to detect and report intrusions at the network perimeter
  • Switch sensor: Sensor within a switch to detect and report intrusions at the switch
  • Router sensor: Sensor within a switch to detect and report intrusions at the router

Identity Services

  • Cisco Access Control Server (ACS) using RADIUS and TACACS: Centralized user access control framework for user authentication, authorization, and accounting (AAA) from a graphical Web interface

Secure Management and Policy

  • CiscoWorks VPN and Security Management Solution (VMS v2.1)
  • CiscoWorks Small Network Management Solution (SNMS)
  • Embedded device managers for security devices such as PIX Device Manger (PDM) Cisco Routers Consulting:

Routers are the centerpiece of network infrastructure, intelligently forwarding data packets from one network to another. Cisco supplies 90% of the world's routers and has developed an extensive product line that includes routers specifically designed to provide the security, performance, reliability features required by small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Cisco routers include support for redundancy, automatic failover, and redundant power for improved fault tolerance and network uptime. These features help you build a solid foundation for your network and makes it easy to expand as you support new users, open new offices, deploy new services, extend your network to customers and partners, and support a more mobile workforce.

Cisco Routers for Small to Mid-size Businesses

Cisco offers SMB-class routers targeted at a variety of business sizes and market segments. Cisco router product families include:

  • Cisco 1700 Series Routers
    Cisco 1700 Series modular access routers are designed to provide a cost-effective, integrated e-business platform for small and medium-sized businesses. They provide flexibility and manageability to meet complex e-business requirements, such as multiservice data/voice/video/fax integration, high-speed broadband Internet connection, and comprehensive security solutions.
  • Cisco 2600 Series Routers
    The Cisco 2600 Series is a family of modular multiservice access routers for branch
    offices, providing flexible LAN and WAN configurations, multiple security options, and a range of high performance processors.
  • Cisco 3700 Series Routers
    The Cisco 3700 Series is a family of modular, multiservice access platforms for medium and large-sized offices. With over 70 modular interface options, the Cisco 3700 family provides solutions for data, voice video, hybrid dial access, VPNs, and multiprotocol data routing. © 2011 | Terms Of Use Back to Top