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VOICE SERVICES-CLOUD Unified Communications Service Form

You may also call us at 888-425-7425, or send an e-mail to is customer-centric. We listen to your needs and offer expert configuration and installation of data, voice and cloud solutions. Because each customer's needs are unique, we need to know about your business and it's requirements.

While services are easy to order, install and use, to ensure we understand the appropriate options to suit your business, please fill out the form below. One of our consultants will promptly be in touch with you to discuss the best technical plan for your business.

Unified Communications Form

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Company and Contact Information
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Business and Technical Information
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Which Service Bundle? (you may check multiple boxes)

Lync Standard:
Lync Collaboration
Lync Standard Plus
Lync Collaboration Pro

Basic Metered Residential Voice (Avail. Q3 of 2013)
Basic Residential Voice
(Avail. Q3 of 2013)
Voice Standard
Voice Standard Plus
Voice Plus

Conference Room
Call Center:
Call Center Supervisor
Call Center Recording
Call Center Phone
Lync Mobile


Which Voice Plan? Plan has to be the same for everyone in the company – minutes are aggregated.

Metered $0.029 min/mo.

750 min plan conferencing metered $0.029 min/mo.
Unlimited calling plan

ACD/TFN* metered $0.025 min/mo.

* Automatic Call Distributor / Toll Free Number
Exchange, SharePoint, E-mail, Mobile, FAX
How many Exchange only users?
What email aliases exist?
List of distribution groups?
Outlook? Yes No
Active Sync? Yes No

BES Server Blackberry?

Yes No
SharePoint needed? Yes No
How much Sharepoint storage?
Are FAX/analog lines needed? Yes No

If yes, how many?

Number of Analog 2 port devices needed?
Phone Numbers
Are there numbers that need to be ported forward? Yes No
How many?

Please list the numbers:

Toll free? yes - no or how many?
New Toll Free Numbers? Yes No

Are there any additional toll free numbers needed?

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Vanity numbers?
DID (Direct Inward Dialing)  

DID Blocks/ Reservations?

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Calling Name Display? Yes No
Any new DIDs? Yes No

If yes, how many?

What area code preferred?
Prefix? (1 or 9)
Call Routing and International Calling

How is call routing currently handled? ( flow chart needed - please scan and attach to email.)

Auto Attendant Needed?

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Response Groups? Yes No
How many conference rooms?
How many long distance minutes are currently used?

Are international calling plans / rates needed?

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Total Physical Phones Needed
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Number USB handset
Number Wireless headset
Number Wired headset

Number Conference Rooms

Number Web Camera

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