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Tech Support FAQ for Hosted Voice Services:

Features and Settings

Current International Hosted Voice Rates


Can I log onto a portal and manage my own phone network?

Email or call 603.897.7300 option 1 to request a phone training session. We will show you how to setup voicemail to email, change names and alter features.

How do I transfer a call?

Polycom phones:

Blind Transfer using Softkeys (buttons right below the display):

  1. Press “Transfer” (avoid pressing hold). You will get a new dial tone and your current call will be on hold.
  2. Press “Blind”
  3. Enter the transfer extension or phone number.
  4. Press “Send”

Attended Transfer using Softkeys:

  1. Press “Transfer” (avoid pressing hold). You will get a new dial tone and your current call will be on hold.
  2. Enter the transfer extension or phone number.
  3. When the new recipient answers, you can introduce the caller.
  4. Press the “Transfer” button again to complete the call transfer.

Grandstream phones:

  1. For a blind transfer, press the “Transfer” button, dial the recipient, and then press “Send”.
  2. For attended transfer, place the caller on hold (line button with blink green), pickup another line and call the recipient.
  3. After your introduction, press “Transfer” then press the first blinking line button to complete the transfer.

Does Prospeed offer a Conference Bridge?

If you are looking to have a conference bridge then you will need to add the additional
service which is $5.95/m. All callers involved with call will cost you 3 cents per minute per caller. Please email or call 603.897.7300 option 1 to have this
feature added.

How do I make a Three-way Call?

For Three Way call on Polycom:

  1. If you already have a caller on the phone and you want to conference another party
    on the call, then press “Conference” and then call the other party.
  2. Once the additional caller is on the line, press “Conference” again to complete the conference. Premium seat users will have the ability to conference additional people into the call.
  3. If you have a call on hold and you are on the phone with another person you may decide that having a Three Way call would be beneficial. Avoid pressing the Conference button. Press the “More” softkey button then press the“Join” softkey.
    You will then be conferenced together.

For Three Way call on Grandstream:

  1. Place first caller on hold (first line button will blink).
  2. Pick up the next line and call the 3rd party, then press Conference then the blinking line button.

You are limited to just a Three Way call but if one of the party members is also in your enterprise, then this user can conference in another person.

Can I have voicemail messages go to my email or multiple email addresses?

Yes. Send us an email to with your request and we will be glad to
set this up. This can also be done in the customer portal.

If a caller is in my voicemail can the caller press a button to get transferred elsewhere?

Yes, this is the “Dial 0” feature. You may configure this feature to send a caller almost anywhere including your Auto Attendant, Hunt Group, another extension, directly to another extension’s voicemail, or to a 10 digit phone number outside of our network. Just send an email to or call to get this feature enabled.

Is there software I can use on my PC that will allow me to manage my phone calls and features easily?

Yes, we have two offerings:

  • Toolbar ($1.50/m): This Internet Explorer/Outlook add-on allows you to place, hold, transfer, and conference calls. You also get a call log and you can manage your various features. You may click to call numbers in the browser and even integrates with Outlook allowing you to dial your contacts.
  • Unity ($3/m $8 install): This is a separate application that does everything the
    Toolbar can do but also allows you to see all of your enterprise allowing for easy
    click-to-dial calling. You can even tell which users are on the phone. Email or call 603.897.7300 option 1 to have these features added.

How can I forward calls?

Some phones have a “forward” softkey button. You may use this or pick up the phone and dial *72 and follow the prompts. Dial *73 to disable it. You may also alter this feature using the Toolbar ($1.50/m), Unity ($3/m with $8 one time charge), or you may use the customer portal.

Can I have a phone at my home office that will work just like the phone in my
actual office?

Yes, we can “clone” your phone multiple times if you want, allowing you to have phones in different areas of your office or at home. If you have a premium seat then there are no additional charges to have this feature other than the cost of the phone. Please email or call 603.897.7300 option 1 if you would like a cloned phone.

I need to work from home for a few days. Can I just bring my desk phone home
with me?

Yes, simply bring your phone (and power adapter) home and plug it into your home router.

How can I have speed dial and tell if other users are on the phone?

  • You must have a Polycom 601, 650 or 670 and have a premium seat.
  • Email or call 603.897.7300 option 1.
  • Provide the MAC address from the back of your phone (12 digit number beginning
    with 0004).
  • Indicate which useSrs you would like to “see” up to 5.
  • A “side car” can be purchased which will give visibility to 14 more users. Pricing available upon request.
  • If you don’t have a premium seat then you may use the menu options to go to “Features” and “Contact Directory”.

Grandstream phones can have speed dial buttons added by logging onto the phone with
your PC.

  1. You will just need to enter the IP address of the phone into the address bar of your browser.
  2. You will be prompted for a password. This is “admin” by default.
  3. Go to the basic settings and you will see your options for speed-dial. You won’t be able to see if other users are on the phone with Grandstream phones.

NOTE: You can also have these same features by utilizing the Unity software mentioned above in this FAQ.

Can I have an application running on my PC or smartphone that would allow me to use my PC as a phone?

Yes, in fact, there is a free version of the software for the PC. You will need some help
setting this up. Please email or call 603.897.7300 option 1 to schedule an appointment. This can be a handy way to work outside of the office and still
have phone service.

You will need a headset for your PC with a microphone. Go to and download/install X-Lite for your PC or purchase Bria for full features. You may also
purchase and install Bria for iPhone or Android (Download from your App Store). This
feature is available without monthly charge for premium seat users. .

I have an employee who left and another person is taking over the phone. How
can I change the name?

If you have access to the customer portal then you can do it there. Otherwise, email or call 603.897.7300 option 1 and we will gladly get it changed.

If you would like access to your portal then just let us know so we can get you logged on
and show you around.

I need to create or alter my Auto Attendant (AA). What do I need to do?

There are two steps involved: configuring and recording:

First, you need to make the changes in the customer portal or email or call 603.897.7300 option 1 to let us know what changes you want. If you never had an
Auto Attendant with then you will want us to build it for you and then we can show you how to manage it in the future.

Options 0 – 9, #, and * can be configured to transfer a call to an extension, outside phone number, hunt group, dial-by-name, repeat menu, or transfer to another Auto Attendant
(extra charge for 2nd AA). You can let callers know they may dial extensions directly at
any time. There is also the ability to create an after-hours greeting that can follow a
separate set of options.

Secondly, you need to record the greeting. You can do this by going into your voicemail. When your password is requested, press *. You will be prompted for your mailbox ID, enter 9999#. The default password is 8642. Follow the prompts from there.

I have lots of old voicemail messages and I want to easily delete them all. How
can I do this?

After you enter your voicemail password, press 1 to access your voice mailbox. You will
then be told how many voicemail messages you have. If you press 7 at that moment then
you will have the option to delete all messages.

How do I reset my voicemail password?

  1. Log onto the portal then select your phone number or extension in the upper right.
  2. Go to “Settings” tab. Click on the “Voicemail” triangle.
  3. At the bottom of the page select “Reset”. This will reset your voicemail
    password to 8642.
  4. If you don’t have the means of logging onto the portal then you can just email or call 603.897.7300 option 1.

How do I handle multiple calls?


  1. If you are on a call, it is best to answer calls using the “softkeys” ( buttons under
    the display). With Polycom 601 or 650, you will have a hold button available.
  2. If a call comes in, press the ”hold” softkey and it will then turn into “answer” softkey allowing you to answer the new call. With Polycom 331s, if a call second call
    comes in, you will get an “answer” softkey. This will automatically put your current
    call on hold and answer the new call.
  3. With both phones, you may use the “Up” and “Down” arrow buttons to select a particular call and use the available softkeys to manage (“Resume” “End Call”, “Transfer”).


  1. If you are on a call and a second call comes in, the next “Line” button will blink red.
  2. Pressing the blinking red button will automatically put your call on hold (causing the first Line button to blink green) and the new call will be answered.
  3. You may then simply select the Line button you would like to manage the calls.

How do I add more users?

Please call 603.897.7300 option 3 for sales or email if you would like
to add more users.

I only have one network jack on my wall. How can I service both my PC and my phone with our network?

The phone has a PC port that you would use to plug your PC into. This is a pass-through
port allowing the PC to obtain Internet service through the phone. The phone should be plugged into your network using the LAN or NETWORK jack.

Current International Hosted Voice Rates

Click on this link to view Prospeed's current International Hosted Voice Rates (MS Excel


I’m getting a “Network Down” message.

Make sure the LAN or NETWORK jack on the back of the phone is plugged into your wall jack or switch. Reboot your phone by pulling the power out of it and plugging it back in.

My call quality is poor.

Most call quality issues are the result of either not having enough bandwidth or Prospeed needs to prioritize your voice traffic. If we provide your Internet service then email or call 603.897.7300 option 1 to have us check over your voice prioritization. Problems with your Internet service or poor cell coverage by the other party could also cause this.

My incoming calls are going straight to voicemail.

Try any of the following:

  • Make sure “Do Not Disturb” is turned off (Grandstream has DND button.)
  • Make sure you don’t have any call forwarding features in place.
  • Reboot your phone (pull power cable out and plug back in.)

Callers are getting a busy signal when they call.

Please make sure you have functional Internet service and reboot your phones (unplug the power and plug it back in). If this doesn’t work then reboot your router/firewall, THEN all of your phones.

I just lost my power or Internet service. What do I do?

Please call us to have your calls forwarded. Calls to individual users can be set to automatically have calls forwarded when this happens by using the “Call Forward
Unavailable feature (Premium or Standard seat required). You may configure this in the
portal or contact us by emailing or call 603.897.7300 option 1.

However, if you have calls going to a hunt group then you will need to purchase a special feature to allow for calls to automatically get forwarded to an outside number in the event of Internet or power loss. ($5.95/m). You may call us to have us manually forward the calls. If Prospeed provides your service and we have a major network outage, please have patience while we get to your request. © 2012 | Terms Of Use Back to Top