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Prospeed NetSpeed SDSL:

Fast and reliable IP connectivity, Today! delivers business class SDSL solutions today! Unlike the phone or cable companies shared solutions, Prospeed understands what it takes to deliver Tomorrow’s Internet, Today!

Our enterprise class Symmetrical DSL provides your growing business an affordable way to the Internet. Our IP data transmission is uploaded and downloaded at the same rates. Add in our static IPs and you now have staked your claim on the World Wide Web. SDSL is the key element to delivering a robust connection to run today applications, such as Residential Voice, email and Web servers, VPN as well as other cutting-edge programs. offers many SDSL solutions, all come with the following features:
  • 9999.9% uptime SLA guarantee

  • Unlimited Technical support, empowered 24/7

  • Service Support Guarantee

  • Fast and professional installations

  • World class IP backbone connectivity

  • Free static IP’s

  • Free FTP space

  • Free email accounts with Spam filtering offers many line speeds and custom (line speeds include: 384 Kbps ,512Kbps, 768 Kbps, 1.1Mbps to 1.544Mbps). offers other enterprise class SDSL solutions:
  • ADSL2+: three new faster Dedicated ADSL speeds—15.0/1.0 Mbps, 10.0/1.0 Mbps and 8.0/1.0 Mbps! These services reflect our next-generation network that enables the use of ADSL2+ technology. This new technology expands opportunities for faster speeds and is ideal for high-bandwidth services. These new offerings rival the speeds offered by cable broadband providers and most other DSL providers.
  • ATM over DSL: Guaranteed Quality of Service because of sophisticated traffic classification and routing systems that prioritize different levels of communication.
  • SOHO SDSL: Connect your home office with your work. Secure SDSL private networks, with Static IP.
  • MDU SDSL: Our customized solutions for Business Park building owners. Prospeed’s IpoP in building data edge service brings the most affordable and fastest IP connections to your building and tenants. Great added value for properties owners.
  • IDSL: A symmetrical service that can deliver high-speed data communications up to 144 Kbps. With a greater distance capability, IDSL is ideal for businesses located slightly outside the reach of traditional DSL.
  • Long Reach SDSL: Services perfect for businesses that don't qualify for SDSL, yet still require higher bandwidth. can provide Long Reach services anywhere within the serving area of the Central Office, irrespective of how far you are located from us.

As you can see, with our Broadband solutions, you can take advantage of symmetrical DSL for a reliable business-class Internet solution. With speeds up to 1.5 Mbps Prospeed’s NetSpeed DSL is up to 50 times faster than dial-up. Choose a provider whose reputation is built on quality service and customer support.’s diverse and reliable network for DSL spans across the entire USA; we can tailor your connection to your specifications. Wide area private networks, or just some of your remote sites, has both the network and the support to make your Internet connection seamless and easy to manage!

Comprehensive Internet Solutions currently offers reliable, scalable and affordable IP solutions. Our dedication to service and solutions allows companies of any size an affordable and dependable path to the World Wide Web.

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