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Prospeed UC Solution FAQ

Microsoft Lync Prospeed Workspace FAQ

Who can use Lync?

Any use who has access to an IP phone or to a headset with a microphone can use the software.

How do I know if my devices are set up correctly?

You do not need to configure or change anything on your device for the software to work. All you need to do is install the software and log on with your username and password.

Will this count towards my Internet quota?


Can I use Microsoft Lync on my mobile device?

You can install and use Microsoft Lync on any mobile device running the Apple iOS, Windows mobile, Android, BlackBerry or Symbian operating systems.

How secure is MS Lync?

All the information in your MS Lync account is encrypted which means that no unauthorised person can access your information.

Can anyone access my Lync account?

Only if they have your network password. Remember that your network password is a secret and should not be given to anyone else.

Can I invite a non-Lync user to a video conference call?

Non-Lync users can still participate in a video conference call as long as they have an Internet connection. The meeting organizer can schedule an online meeting with the participant in Outlook and insert a web link to the conference. When the conference is about the begin the participant can click on the link and will be taken to an online version of Microsoft Lync. Internet Explorer 6 and Mozilla Firefox can be used to access this web interface. Google Chrome is currently not supported.

How do I save my instant messaging chats?

All your chats are automatically saved in Outlook.

How does Microsoft Lync integrate with existing video conferencing facilities?

The existing video conferencing equipment available can be used as a resource for the Microsoft Lync software. The video conferencing can be used in the same way you would a phone or a headset, instead in this case you are arranging it for a bigger group of people at a meeting venue. The equipment can also be linked to another device using Microsoft Lync. The video conferencing devices can be added as a contact on the Microsoft Lync contact list and you will then be able to make a video call to it from your laptop.

The instructions for setting up video conferences between venues on and off site will remain the same.

Will training be made available?

Microsoft has extensive  user documentation  on using the software. There are step-by-step instructions as well as videos that you can ac

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