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VMware Managed Services Enterprise Cloud

Your business depends on reliable, secure, responsive IT services, but implementing them on your own hardware infrastructure adds expense, delay, and risk. Don’t let IT cost and complexity hold your business back. Turn to Prospeed for scalable VMware vcloud services that solve the real-world problems your business faces every day—without adding expensive hardware, rewriting business applications, or sacrificing security and control. Simplify IT infrastructure and operations, get more value for your time and money, and accelerate application deployment, so you can respond to new or variable customer demand, capture new opportunities, and innovate at the speed of today’s business.

Prospeed boasts a full suite of virtual server offerings on our Cloud Server Platform. Prospeed has invested in only the best infrastructure for our hosted virtual clients. We leverage a VMware sphere v5 platform with fully redundant host clusters as well as clustered NetApp backend storage. Networking is provided via distributed links throughout a redundant Cisco switching architecture. Hosts are IBM Intel platform multi-core servers with extensive power redundancies. In addition to the redundancy architected throughout our Infrastructure, Prospeed has the ability to provision fully segregated storage and VLANS as-needed to ensure our customers are able to meet any regulatory obligations.

Prospeed has multi-level options for protecting your virtual data center. We offer vShield EdgeTM that provides firewall and IPSEC VPN capabilities. If you require a more comprehensive multi-layer security platform, Prospeed can provide dedicated Unified Threat Management Platform powered by FortinetTM including, Anti-Virus/Anti-Spyware, Intrusion Prevention, and Web Filtering.


VMware™ Dedicated Virtual Servers are priced by cpu, memory, disk space and bandwidth. Each plan comes with a set number of resources with the ability to ‘burst’ when there is availability. Prospeed offers a predictable, cost effective monthly fee.

This pricing is for Basic Enterprise Cloud Bundle. Prospeed can offer a variety of options and pricing that will fit both your cloud computing needs and budget.

Package Description Monthly (MRC)

Business Basic

Hosted VMware Virtual Server - 2.4 Ghz Core, 1 GB RAM, 50GB SAN, 1

Public IP, 1mbps of IP, Basic Firewall and VPN


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As an Authorized VMware Service Provider we can offer:

  • Public VMware Server Hosting. Ideal for all Web, Database, File and Email applications

  • Hybrid VMware Server Hosting

  • Disaster Recovery Solutions for Physical (P2V) and Virtual (V2V) customer servers
    on our hosted VMware platform.

  • Fully Managed Replication Environment utilizing Site Recovery Manager (SRM) and NetApps Infrastructure

For the ultimate in flexibility, Enterprises utilizing Prospeed’s VMware infrastructure may upload stored VM images, replicate from their own environment or request new virtual server builds on the fly. They may also utilize existing equipment, complimenting virtual servers with onsite collocation environment on the same LAN or connect privately via Prospeed Managed WAN Services.

Features and Benefits:

  • Located in High Density Raised Floor, SSAE16, Enterprise Class Data Center.

  • Premium GigE IP Backbone running BGP4. Multi-homed with Multiple tier 1 Providers on Redundant Fiber Rings.

  • Redundant UPS Power and N+1 Generator Backup

  • 24x7x365 Professional Services and NOC Support

  • Managed Firewall & VPN Services with all VMware Hosted Servers

  • SRM, VMotion and VMware HA Architectures are all available

  • Able to Fully Integrate into all Customer nodes on our MPLS Network © 2009 | Terms Of Use Back to Top